by Daniel Benmergui

I am an independent developer from Argentina. I make games that try new gameplay ideas. Some of them won prestigious awards. I also like giving talks on design and development.

A puzzle game about building stories.

Fulfill dramatic goals like "a murder of jealousy" or "The princess marries the villain" by building story plots.

Winner of the IGF Nuovo award.

Will be published by Annapurna Games.

Release date: 2021 on all platforms.

Fidel Dungeon Rescue

Fidel needs to do some dungeoning to rescue his owner. Both a Dungeon Crawler and a soft puzzle. It is pretty big and has many surprises.

96% positive reviews on Steam!

Art by Jeremias Babini, music by Hernan Rozenwasser.

Night Raveler (2020)

A remake of a game I made a while ago, where you can cut the bonds between people to cause tragedies or happiness.

Music by Hernan Rozenwasser

Today I Die

A game about finding a way out of a dying world.

Winner of the "Jury's Award" at IndieCade 2010.
Finalist at the Independent Game Festival.

My most well-known artgame. Music by Hernan Rozenwasser.


Ernesto has been cursed and now he must survive deadly traps, monsters and riddles to defeat the Evil Wizard. A puzzle adventure where you can't cross your own path.

Art by Jeremias Babini, music by Hernan Rozenwasser.

We stopped developing Ernesto to focus on other games so it's still unreleased. Maybe some day!

Early Artgames

Storyteller Prototype
I Wish I Were The Moon